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I was an hour early as I picked up my date at 2:00 pm. I was still feeling a bit nervous and my date was rather chill (presumably knowing little how to speak in English from Japanese). Luckily for me, all those Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Hunter X Hunter subtitles reading was finally paying off. We were rather downtown core already, and headed for the aquarium. As we began walking, we both agreed that we hated crowded places. LUCKILY, I knew the underground path as perks of being downtown most of the time. Less locomotive from all the buzzing and racing going on from the streets. We kept walking, talking and sharing different stories about food, places and music. Mainly about music. As we were heading closer to our destination, a Blue Jay’s game was just ending. The underground path was suddenly filled with crowds of baseball fan. We were both not cool about it but eh, what can you do but push on.

4pm. We eventually got to the Aquarium as tons and waves of people stood in line. I guess it was rather smart of me to reserve tickets as we bypass the long line up within five mins.

The Aquarium. Was rather packed. Never go on the weekend and especially during the summers end/back to school. I would’ve preferred to visit during slow days but nonetheless, it was enjoyable. The area that I mostly enjoyed is shown above. The Jellyfish reef… or the crowd of people and kids screaming area urgh, what a turn off. But through out most of the time, I payed attention to my date. Filled with bewildered and wonder, all I just kept seeing was… yawning. Which wasn’t a really good sign. I think. There was a time where we had to hold hands so that we don’t loose each other. *Blush*

6pm. After the whole Aquarium ordeal, I took my date to the waterfront for dinner. Overlooking the lake and music festival by the bay, not to mention the patio weather was perfect and the sunset was about to begin. We ate. We talked more… about music ahaha.

It was perfect. 

We walked along the waterfront as the place begins to dim. Lamp post lights were up along the lake. And people were still walking out and about. I’ve told my date to bring a sweater because it was going to be cold during the evening time but that didn’t happened. So I ended up giving my short sleeve button up shirt… as I go tank top. 

After that… I ended up helping my date with some late grocery shopping. It took forever to find the stuff what we needed but eventually, we end our date late. 10pm. This was good from the start to finish… I guess.

Do you ever believe that some certain people were meant to be… in your life? wether that they have hurt you, help you, challenge you or even love you? That some certain people were just meant to be… I don’t know, change you? because at the end of it all, these people give us different aspect and perspective about life. People from one another gives us life. And I think that it’s really important not to waste any open opportunity when associating with someone. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, you’d be one of a hella person to hangout with. 

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I believe that love & happiness is inevitable. That no matter what, they’ll all just fall into place sooner or later.

Don’t waste your love on someone who doesn’t deserve it, who doesn’t treasure and cherish it. Yes, they mean a lot to you, I understand that. But if they can leave you and pretend like nothing ever happened, so can you. I am not telling you to never talk to them again, but for the time being. Don’t. Because if you keep talking to them, they are only going to hurt you, they are only going to cause you to fall for them more and more and you know what? It is time to move on and you shouldn’t have to do that to yourself.

Live your life, don’t be scared to move on, don’t tell yourself that without them you would be nothing because you know what? You happen to be something amazing and you deserve nothing but the best. Just because you have been hurt once, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get what you want, no one can be too good for anyone, if you try, that is all that matters, but don’t let your fear of rejection stop you from getting what you want.

Don’t lower your standards, what you want is what you deserve.

A few little words can mean the most.

Watched sunset with the bae

It took me a really long, long, long time to figure out what I want to do with my life and I kid you not, I tried doing a lot of things that might’ve been good or bad for me. But get this, all of those experience and hardship that I went through, only helped me to be who I am today. It’s still a learning process and I can’t guarantee if I’ll really like it. The point is that, you have to keep trying until something happens. For the good of it at least.