I have a date this Saturday.

it fucking sucks to find someone so perfect for you yet they are so far from you… urgh

I wish people would appreciate me and the things I do for them. They may not know that they hurt me because I’m the die in silence type of person. All I ever wanted was a simple smile and a thank you.

If theres truly ONE thing that’s going to make me look back in my past relationship(s), is that I’m always going to think that I would never be good enough. Sometimes I think that I’m at fault too. For whatever selfish reasons that I had, I should’ve prioritize you first, I should’ve treated like a treasure, I should’ve cherished every moment… I should’ve gave a hundred and ten percent. Maybe if I did, things would have not turned that wrong way. I should’ve, but I didn’t. I wasn’t good enough… I’ll leave it at that.

Trust your struggles. 

Nights like these are where I reflect all that has come and all that has left; those who stayed on the same path as me and those who chose a road without me. The friends who’ve walked in the limelight now and those who’ve been setting this whole production since the first concept. No matter the result, good or bad, for better or worse, it does not matter that all who’ve and what has come in contact has made me what I am now. For all the good that came has lengthened my path.For all the bad tha came has strengthened my heart, mind, body and soul. Regardless, whatever happens to me, whatever happened to me and what’s happening now; I’ll walk the path I chose and finish what I started, whether I do it alone or not.