If you say that you’re in the same page as her then dude, you must be reading the wrong book.

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Having me being jealous isn’t going to get you anywhere.

You don’t know yourself better than anybody else. You don’t know wether if things will turn out for the better or for the worst. I mean, one day you’re fine and then the next day… you’re not. That’s the scary part. Yet, you’re still here. Struggling, making amends and pathetically surviving. 

But If you some how managed to look beyond past my personality, beyond my physical appearance and beyond my mental state. You will see aside of me just like everybody else. Comfortably winging life as it is. And just like that, everything is going to be fine. 

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Yoh. I’m a well behave person and nothing would usually get under my skin. But when your crush takes forever to reply back… yea, my patience is gone out the window. 

For what this is worth, I just hope that I would matter to you, as much as you matter to me the most. 

It really breaks my heart when I see someone cheating on their better half. Like, damn, if you want to play around then stay single. What’s even the use on being in a relationship?

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