Yoh. I’m a well behave person and nothing would usually get under my skin. But when your crush takes forever to reply back… yea, my patience is gone out the window. 

For what this is worth, I just hope that I would matter to you, as much as you matter to me the most. 

It really breaks my heart when I see someone cheating on their better half. Like, damn, if you want to play around then stay single. What’s even the use on being in a relationship?

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I find it absolutely charming when a guy talks to me and I can talk about literally anything and not feel any less comfortable.

I’ll keep you warm,
Dancing in a downpour…

Believe it or not, your life style will depend on what kinda relationship you will have. As I notice with mine, I grew up around churches and a big family. I grew up with good morals, communications/bonds between my siblings and close friends. I was surrounded with valued principles, responsibilities and certain view(s) according to my peers. 

Now, what if I get paired up with the total opposite? (on the side note: it happens a lot to me not because of my taste but by chance I guess. Anyways) I’d have certain trust issues because I trust too easily. I’d have doubts because I was taught to be better. Vise versa? My better half would have hard time asking for my time. Jealousy wouldn’t be too far off. Communication is hard to achieve. You see where I’m going with this? Relationships will validate according to your lifestyle. 

Then again, I could be wrong. This is just based on my experience. 

It’s funny, you can go out and live the life, have everything. But if you don’t have that one thing you absolutely want, everything still feels like shit. No matter how much fun you might be having, there will always be that one thing haunting you throughout the night in the back of your fucking head

You and I, we could be something beautiful. We could be so beautiful that when people look at us, all they see is our future. I want people to think so hard about us that they question themselves why they aren’t in our situation. Not to sound mean, cocky or anything like that, but I want other people to feel envious and sad towards us. That’s how good of a couple I want us to be. We could make this happen, I really thing we could. I’m just waiting on you.