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It was only brief. I need my Mac upgraded -_-‘

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http://tinychat.com/1201am ???

There will be a day when you’ll meet someone special, who will accept and love you for who you are. They will know everything about you - the things you hate and the things you admire; including your coffee order.

They will fall in love; with no one else - just you.

I was late. Really late. Meeting was at 3pm but somehow I arrived at 4:15~ish pm lol. I had a 10k marathon this morning (in scarborough) and a three hours of sleep the night before. Manage to get back home and took a quick shower and decided what to wear. By the time I last saw the clock, it was already 3pm and I texted my date that I was going to be late. Going downtown had some traffic delays and what not. At my surprise, I was the first to arrive at the coffee shop while my date did some last minute shopping. We eventually meet and we were talking for at least two hours about travelling, family, events, projects and what not. My date was rather talkative and I’m good at listening. My coffee kept me awake so thank god for that.

7:00pm. We had to depart due to the late evening thunder storm. Ahaha awkward goodbye hug and my date manage to steal a peck on the cheek lol.

Date: So… what exactly are you looking for?

Me: A first edition holographic Charizard card.

Date: oh okay, what do you like to do?

Me: avoiding questions

Coffee date still exist

There’s something about you falling asleep on my chest (on the couch), that makes me feel safe.

I deserve some ramen.